Selected Publications

Statistical Machine Translation (SMT) is a statistical machine learning (SML) technique that uses statistical models to generate translations from one language to another. In this paper, I describe the statistical machine translation (SMT) approach that I am using to make an English to Kinyarwanda translator, and explain the phrase-based model used in some of the most prominent SMT systems such as Cdec, Joshua, and Moses. The latter SMT system being the one I am using to develop my English to Kinyarwanda translation model.

In this paper, we confronted the issue of excessive usage of bathing water from a computational point. We designed a model based on the Newton’s Law of Heating and Cooling, the laws of thermodynamics, and the concept of heat transfers between physical systems. To explain our model, we used iPython computational tools to illustrate the results, weaknesses and strengths of our model. Our initial approach assumed that the heat propagated throughout the water instantaneously. To combat this, we used a cellular automaton to model the heat distribution throughout the bathtub.

After spending the summer of 2016 working on my humans of Rwanda project, I started doing some background research on the state of photography in Rwanda, but I was surprised by how difficult it is easy to find professional and Rwandan photographic work. At first, googling “Rwandan Photography” was my best bet, but all I found were click baits articles from websites that shut down a long time ago. After that, I decided to use Facebook to see if I could bump into some interesting pages or users with marvelous & exceptional artistic content. But even on Mark Zuckberg’s most celebrated social network, I couldn’t find enough content to base my research on. It wasn't until almost the end of the summer that I discovered a niche of young rising photographers on the #RWoT (Rwandans on Twitter) community and its Instagram and Snapchat equivalents. I wrote a blog post about it, and listed what I considered to be the top five Rwandan Photographers to follow on Instagram at the time.

Recent Publications



At Hendrix College - Expected Graduation: May 2017

  • Foundations of Computer Science (CSCI 150)
  • Calculus II (MATH 140)
  • TEC: The Evolved Citizen (LBST 150)
  • Discrete Mathematics (MATH 240)
  • Principles of Accounting I (BUSI 200)
  • Intro to Academic Writing (ENGL 110)
  • Data Structures&Object-Oriented Dev (CSCI 151)
  • English for Academic Purposes II (ENGL 118)
  • Computer Systems Organization (CSCI 230)
  • Scientific Computing (CSCI 385)
  • Microeconomic Theory (ECON 200)
  • Mindfulness Meditation (PACT F35)
  • Intro to the New Testament (RELI 124)
  • Scalable Software Design & Dev (CSCI 250)
  • Computer Architecture (CSCI 330)
  • Macroeconomic Theory (ECON 210)
  • History of Mathematics (MATH 280)
  • Global Business (BUSI 280)
  • Chem I: Struct & Prop w/Lab (CHEM 110)
  • Theory of Computation (CSCI 380)
  • The World’s Religions: An Intro (RELI 100)
  • International Business (BUSI 290)
  • Computer Science Senior Seminar (CSCI 410)
  • Special Focus: Persons Over Time (PHIL 200)
  • The Art of Public Speaking (TART 110)

Currently in Progress:

  • Acct Info Sys & Database Mgmt (BUSI 390)
  • Algo & Prob Solving Paradigms (CSCI 280)
  • Interactive Game Development (CSCI 370)

At Nottingham Trent University - Spring Semester 2016

  • American Topics: Landscapes and Cityscapes (ENGL20312)
  • EU: Migration, Development, Environment (EURO20905)
  • British Women Writers 1918-1939 (ENGL20412)

At University of Arkansas at Little Rock - Summer 2013

  • Intensive English Language Program (IELP)


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  • 1600 Washington Avenue, Conway, AR 72032