Is 2015 the turning point for Photography in Rwanda?


After spending the summer of 2016 working on my humans of Rwanda project, I started doing some background research on the state of photography in Rwanda, but I was surprised by how difficult it is easy to find professional and Rwandan photographic work. At first, googling “Rwandan Photography” was my best bet, but all I found were click baits articles from websites that shut down a long time ago. After that, I decided to use Facebook to see if I could bump into some interesting pages or users with marvelous & exceptional artistic content. But even on Mark Zuckberg’s most celebrated social network, I couldn’t find enough content to base my research on. It wasn't until almost the end of the summer that I discovered a niche of young rising photographers on the #RWoT (Rwandans on Twitter) community and its Instagram and Snapchat equivalents. I wrote a blog post about it, and listed what I considered to be the top five Rwandan Photographers to follow on Instagram at the time.